Experiments in Cooking

She does what?

The idea for this site came about a few days after I purchased my Instant Pot and started adapting my recipes for it. My friends wanted to use some of my recipes, and messaging them over social media was getting to be tedious.

I clearly needed a website to share my recipes, and I started brainstorming domain names with my husband. While we were busy discussing serious sounding, chef inspired, food bloggy names, my son piped up over our discussions and said “I think it should be Meera Flips Burgers!”. Time crawled to a standstill. Much as we tried to go back to one of the more serious names we had been considering, we kept coming back to Meera Flips Burgers.

Meera does in fact flip burgers. At home. Her burgers are her son’s favorite, and he is consistently shocked that she is not interested in starting a food truck business to sell her burgers. However, this blog is about more than that. It is a place to share my experiments in cooking, in converting recipes to-and-from programmable pressure cooker settings, and to have a platform to discuss these with my friends. Let’s see what transpires!

Because no post is complete without a picture, here’s one of my favorite breakfast eats. Bagels with cream cheese, lox, caviar, onions & capers. Yum!