Experiments in Cooking

Chuck roast chili

I recently borrowed a Paleo cookbook Against All Grain by Danielle Walker, from the library. The first recipe I tried out from it was a red curry short rib, which was spectacular. Next up, I made the chuck chili, and loved it too. Thankfully, this time I thought to take pictures for record keeping!

My family is a huge fan of potatoes, so I added in these colorful babies.

While the recipe calls for red bell peppers only, I used a combination of red & yellow. I also found some carrots & a yellow squash looking sad in the fridge, so I tossed them in as well.

This was written as a slow cooker recipe, but I didn’t plan my cooking early enough, so I tossed it in the Instant Pot and pressure cooked it for 1 hour, followed by slow cooking for 1 hr. While the meat wasn’t as tender as it would be with an 8 hour slow cook, it was definitely delicious and repeat-worthy!

The author hasn’t published her recipe online, so I won’t be sharing it here, but I do encourage you to grab a copy from a bookstore or library. You don’t have to be living a paleo lifestyle to enjoy these recipes!