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Creme Caramel in IP

Edit: The post was published earlier without any text. Fixing it now!

As summer break started, I found myself searching for easy, fun, and delicious recipes to get my son cooking. This certainly fit the bill! This milk (no heavy cream!) version called “caramel custard” is popular in India, and we all enjoyed it a lot!

I used four ramekins which I pre-warmed with hot water, and then wiped dry right before pouring the caramel in. This bought me valuable seconds to swirl the caramel before it crystallized.

I pressure cooked them with a loose foil lid. They came out deliciously soft and jiggly.

The caramel thins out quite a bit through the cooking process, leaving you with a nice puddle of syrup to slurp at the end!

I followed this recipe from Two Sleevers as a base. I kept the same ingredients, but made minorĀ  process modifications as noted below:

  • Use 4 ramekins instead of souffle dish. I like individual servings.
  • Pre-warm the ramekins by pouring hot water into them. Drain and wipe thoroughly just before pouring caramel in.
  • When whisking the egg & milk mixture:
    • I first warmed the milk to just above room temp (80 deg) in a 1 LT pyrex cup.
    • After adding the egg in, I warmed it by 10 more degrees (in the microwave, at low power setting)
    • After adding the sugar, I warmed it again till 100 deg.
    • This helps sugar dissolve better. Besides, traditional creme caramel involved cooking the milk+egg mix on stovetop, and I wanted to be halfway there.
  • Similar to most people commenting on the webpage, my instant pot kept turning off because it was building too much pressure. I simply gave it a minute each time and turned it back on. So, you kinda have to hang out in the kitchen and not walk away.

This was a delicious dessert and the whole family loved it!