Experiments in Cooking

Cuban Plantain Soup in IP

I am experimenting with soups and cuisines I don’t normally make. Enter the Cuban Plantain Soup, which I made exactly as described in this recipe. Changes:

  1. Season the oil with 1/2 tsp cumin seeds before sauteeing.
  2. Cook in IP (High Pressure for 12 mins) instead of stove top
  3. Only partially puree, using immersion blender. I like the chunky-creaminess of a partially pureed soup.

Starting with fresh veggies:


I decided to use the Saute function of the IP so that I would only have one pan. Since I was making half the recipe, I didn’t feel the need for a large saute pan. Instead, I set the IP over my stove so that I could run the vent hood & just saute in it.


After pressure cooking (with chicken broth & a bay leaf added), you get this. This soup can be made vegetarian or vegan by using an appropriate broth to cook in.

I used my immersion blender and popped it in & out to end up with a partially chunky soup.

It is yummy and so easy to make! My plantain got a little ripe sitting on the counter, so my soup has the sweetness of a butternut squash soup. I will try this recipe again using a green plantain (which was my plan in the first place) and report back! If you like cilantro, chop up some fresh leaves for an extra delicious aroma.